Keeping it in Perspective

15 09 2012

Today was Day 5 of CrossFit WODs (Workout of the Day) for me this week and boy am I sore.  So sore, in fact, that it hurts to apply deodorant – ouch!  This is my first week back to regularly scheduled WODs after a summer of a fairly haphazard schedule, especially during our three weeks at the beach.  While there I mostly, as in 99% of the time, did body weight exercise, such as running, biking, push-ups and sit-ups.  There was only one day that I actually made it to a CF Box (gym) and lifted some weight.  The running, which was usually on the beach, was not fun for me this year and I actually preferred stopping between every lifeguard station to do 10 push ups (which are still killer for me) rather than keep up the pace.  I can easily contribute this lack of stamina to a poor diet and alcohol consumption and the decrease in strength to the absence of weighted workouts.  (It was the beach, after all!!) 

Upon our return, I tightened up my diet and then went full paleo this week (Day 6 without a cheat – a record for me!)  Doing so, I believe, made the 5 workouts possible, but that wasn’t clear to me until now.  Starting out this week I really did not think that I would make it through the 5 days I had scheduled and figured I would cancel out of the Saturday class at some point.  (I actually had that thought as late as last night.)  When I woke this morning, after 8 hours of sleep with only one interruption, I knew I could do it.  I was alert, energetic and never even finished my paltry 6 ounce cup of coffee.  The workout was tough but, I thought, I am tougher and will get through and then I can mark down my first five day week of WODs in quite a long time! 

5 Rounds of 250m run, 10 strict presses (40#) and 15 kettle bell swings (35#/RX)  19:51

I was not thrilled with my performance today, as was the case with my other workouts, as well, this week.  40 pounds is a little light for me but there was no way I could go heavier.  The prescribed weight was 65# so I tried out a bar with 50# and was able to do two or three reps but knew I would not make it through five rounds without having to jerk the bar (knee dip and hip extension) to get the bar overhead, which was not legal for this workout.  Ultimately, I was happy with the weight I chose but will look forward to building back some strength, as well as adding some gains, over the next three months! 

There is so much about CF that I love but there is one thing that is truly inspirational without ever being overt, and that is the range of ability in the room during any given WOD.  Noticing the various weight being lifted is always encouraging, and sometimes even awe-inspiring.  When I watch some spectacular mom (you know who you are!) pressing the RX weight, I am motivated to continue improving, when I spy an equally awesome mom pushing a bar with no plates I am reminded from where I came and all that I have accomplished thus far.  As much as I was disappointed in my performance this week, especially because I know I could have done better two months ago, I also know that what I did accomplish this week I could not have six months ago and what I will accomplish at the end of my Morphin will exceed what I did today.  That’s not only keeping it in perspective, but highly motivating for me, as well!





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