Rest Day – Shhhhhhh…..

16 09 2012

The concept of a true rest day is actually quite comical to me since I have four young daughters and they are anything but restful.  Somehow, though, going in to the day knowing that it was being logged as an official rest day (as it relates to my Morphin) my body did actually slow down for the first time in quite a while.  I slept in and, after first waking at 6:00am and willing myself to go back to sleep, I did not glance at the clock again until 9:00am!

As anyone with young children knows, that is a small miracle in and of itself.  David and I have been coaching our girls to please, please let us sleep when they wake before us.  This has never happened – UNTIL TODAY!  I heard Courtney come in at 6:00am but somehow the message finally sunk in as she grabbed my iPad and disappeared, off to her own room, I think.  By some stroke of luck, when Olivia joined her they were able to play together for some time without any trouble, which is not normally the case.

When I finally got out of bed at 9:00 I felt completely refreshed having had eight hours of sleep, which is awesome for me!  I made my typical cup of coffee and only drank about a third of it – I didn’t need more.  This being Day 7 of a full Paleo diet, my energy levels are up and I really feel great.  I was able to enjoy a lazy morning with the family, shop in the afternoon with two of the girls and finish dinner by 7:00pm.

I truly believe that quality sleep and good nutrition have a tremendous impact on our energy levels yet I have found it impossible to string together a few good nights’ sleep over the past ten years while also not completely committing to a healthy diet.  If I not only believe this, but advocate it, too, then why is it so difficult for me to live it?  The truth is, behavior patterns are very difficult to break and, even though, one intellectually knows a path to be the better one it does not necessarily translate  to change.  As I continue my Morphin a major goal will be to break those self-defeating patterns and replace them with ones that will serve me better.

My body is still SORE from last week’s workouts but I am ready to get back to it tomorrow!  Thank you, Rest Day, for giving me just what I needed.




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