Self-Confidence: Where do you find it?

20 09 2012

You know you love something when you relish adding an additional two hours of it to your already hectic day!  I had the pleasure of assisting my coaches, Tracey and Andy, today with a Foundations class at transform CrossFit.  This class is designed to teach new CrossFitters the basic movements and fundamental nutrition concepts so that they can be successful in their CF pursuits.  It was truly an honor to be a part of this program today.  During the spring I attended a Level 1 CrossFit Certificate class, passed my test and was thus qualified to be a CF trainer by headquarter’s standards.  My intention was not to become a trainer but to advance my knowledge and understanding of CF, in general.  The funny thing was once I had that qualification in my pocket, so to speak, it nagged at me to not leave it at that.  Helping out today is the first step on the road to uncover if I truly have the desire and/or ability to one day coach a class.  Although I have no way of knowing where I will go with this I know I will enjoy the journey and likely learn a few things, too.

Thinking about my Level 1 class and participating in the foundations class today uncovered a characteristic that I believe might be holding me back from advancing as an athlete: lack of confidence.  It became clear as Tracey asked if I was okay demonstrating three exercises, the shoulder press, push press and push jerk, that I was actually not so sure of myself.  After answering her that I would be happy to, I became nervous and started thinking that I would screw up the mechanics of the lifts and then be used as the example of what not to do.  Really!!  I know my form is not perfect on all that I do in CF but I certainly can do these three exercises quite easily and without any glaring errors.  In fact, my only limitations are likely related to flexibility and mobility issues, not lack of skill and/or knowledge.

So why was I so nervous and immediately feeling like I was going to botch it?  Why did I feel like a CrossFitting fraud when I attended the Level 1 course?  Unfortunately, I am not quite sure where that comes from but I can tell you it has followed me around in life in all areas, such as my career and now, as a mom.  I am certain, though, that if I increase my self-confidence I will increase my ability and my performance at CF.  Stay tuned for strategies, or feel free to offer some words of advice or reading recommendations.

Before participating in the foundations class this morning I did have a great workout and was mostly pleased with my performance.  I had tons of energy and most of the exercises came easily except the toes-to-bar (this is when you hang from a bar and attempt to touch your toes to said bar – fun!!).  My rhythm was completely off and I was unable to get it back during the entire 15 minute AMRAP.  Every time I got on the bar I was thinking this would be the time it would click; it never did.  There is obviously something wrong with my mechanics and a fellow crossfitter kindly attempted to help me following class but I was like a lip-chewing bad dancer missing every beat.  I know this ties in to the disaster that my pull-ups are so I guess it is more time on that bar for me!!


15 minute AMRAP of:

  • 5 Medicine Ball Cleans (14#)
  • 10 Toes-to-Bar
  • 10 Deadlifts (115#)
  • 20 Box Jumps (20 inch)

195 total reps, RX


  • 100 Double Unders (jump rope passes under feet twice in one jump)





3 responses

20 09 2012

Go Michelle!!!

23 09 2012

so proud of you girlfriend. you will overcome the jitters/lack of confidence. barrel through it-chin up-literally and figuratively and attack it.

24 09 2012

Thanks 🙂

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