What a Difference a Day Makes

24 09 2012

Last night I went to bed feeling a bit defeated.  My performance in the last two WODs had been very disappointing and I really fell off the paleo wagon last night while out to dinner with my family.  I had plans to cook a Paleo Pad Thai, which is one of our favorites, and put the spaghetti squash in to bake before heading out to pick up Alexis from her Nutcracker audition (so proud of her!).  It was not quite done so I put it back in and asked David to pull it out in ten minutes.  You might guess what happened next and you would likely be right.  I came home to the very pungent, but sweet, smell of overcooked squash.  Oh well!!  Since my normal cook up for the week is on Monday there wasn’t much to eat that would be quick so we decided to go out.   Bad call!!  We ended up at the Tap Room in Nassau Inn, where I planned to get a salad and a burger with lettuce and tomato, no bun, of course.  All was going well until the girls’ appetizer showed up: garlic puffs.  For those of you who know my Italian roots, I cook with tons of garlic and it is simply irresistible to me.  I not only felt physically horrible after eating them, I was just plain pissed off at myself on the way home.

I woke with a new intensity to resist those horrible temptations (I thought I had it nailed going into yesterday!) and a strong desire to kick butt at CrossFit today.  And I did both!!  I was back to 100% delicious, satisfying and feel-good paleo and I killed it at CF today!!  There was both a strength and stamina element of the same Olympic lift: Clean and Jerk.  There is something about the olympic lifts that I just love.  They are extremely challenging but in a good way.  (What girl wouldn’t love to clean & jerk, right??)  I not only achieved a PR (personal record) for my clean & jerk, at 87.5 pounds, but for my clean, as well.  In fact, I had never been able to successfully clean more than 75 pounds before today.  The only bummer of the strength portion of the workout was that I left a 2.5 pound on the floor when racking up my last set, and I am sure I would have hit 90 pounds had I not done that.  Time was up when I realized my mistake but there is always next time!

The stamina WOD was a benchmark called Grace (30 Clean and Jerks for time) but at 60% of our 1 rep max, which is lighter than normally prescribed.  I decided to go a little heavier than prescribed today and did the workout at 60 pounds, instead of 50  pounds as one of my primary goals during my Morphin is to gain strength and the 50 just felt too light.  I completed the WOD in 3:43, which was not stellar but I was thrilled with the weight and by the fact that I did not have to put the bar down that often.  It felt great!!! I left tCF today encouraged that I am on the right road and even though there may be days when it is not all coming together there will be others like today when I feel like King of the World!!


  • 5-4-3-1-1-1
  • 65#-75#-80#-85#-87.5#  PR


  • Grace “light”
  • 60#
  • 3:43



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