It’s Good to be a Kid

25 09 2012

When I was new to CrossFit I remember the day I was first able to do a 20 inch box jump.  That night I demonstrated my new skill for David by jumping onto our bed with both feet simultaneously.  It was thrilling and I proceeded to jump on and off the bed for the next few minutes feeling completely giddy.  He thought I had completely lost it!  It didn’t matter, though, I felt happy, like a kid feels happy; simply and in the moment.  For me, CF brings out a lot of that kind of happiness.  Where else can I experience the thrill of jumping on a box, swinging and pulling from a bar, running in the middle of the parking lot, jumping rope and throwing a ball against a wall?  And I haven’t even gotten to the climbing a very high rope thing (still too afraid of the height!)  I believe this is a part of what is so addicting to so many crossfitters – we get to act like kids again.

Today was an absolute great day!!  I got to throw myself on the floor and jump up (burpee), hang from a bar and pull myself up,  jump rope really fast and row on a machine.  Later in the day I got to run really fast and then jump rope again.  It was like recess at school!  So many of us dread the “workout”.  Why not embrace the child in you and look at it as play.  After all, many parents encourage their children to be active and to just go out and play, me included, why shouldn’t we do the same?  Heck, our laptops and iPads are just the grown-up version of video games.

Today’s WOD was a partner workout, which I love and find highly motivating, it’s kind of like a playdate.  Aside from the brain freeze I had while attempting to figure out a strategy, the workout was awesome and my partners rocked it!!  My pull ups are still not coming but I will keep practicing and know it is only a matter of time before they improve.  I really need to find a way to put more time in, though, and am thinking about having a pull up bar installed at the house.  My stamina felt better today than it has in a long time and I made a point of doing an Endurance WOD this afternoon to keep the momentum going.  The icing on the cake was adjusting my new jump rope (it’s fast!) and practicing double unders.  It felt good and I am really finding a rhythm.

Last week I was finding it difficult to fit the endurance wods in to my normal schedule so this week I got creative.  I dropped Alexis off at ballet and then headed to the soccer field with Courtney and Olivia.  They joined their practice and I did my running, adjusted my new rope and practiced double unders.  I then picked up Alexis and she joined me back on the soccer field where we both practiced with the new rope.  What is normally a mindless routine became enjoyable and energizing today.  Thank you, CF, for my day of fun!

Partner Wod (total reps for team)

  • 45 Burpees
  • 90 Pull Ups
  • 120 Sit Ups
  • 180 Double Unders
  • 1800m Row

Time: 14:15

Finisher (kind of like desert after a big meal!)

  • Tabata Bottoms-to-Bottoms
  • 8 rounds of 20 sec on/ 10 sec off of air squats resting at the bottom
  • Lowest rep count is score

Score: 6

Endurance WOD

  • 9 rounds of running at 95%
  •  1 min on/ 1 min off

Double Under Practice

  • pass a jump rope under feet twice in one jump
  • 10 rounds of max reps
  • PR stands at 16, which I matched today, but will have that beat soon!



2 responses

27 09 2012

You are my idol. I just finished with the kids and ate 3 tacos. You go girl!!!!

30 09 2012

I want tacos!!!! (and margaritas!!). You’re my hero!! 🙂

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