Quiet But Productive

28 09 2012

It has been a busy few days since my last post, especially with the kids home on Wednesday, but it has not felt hectic as I keep going back to my pink post-it note to ask myself, “What is more important?” as I organize my days and prioritize what feels like very limited time.  Wednesday worked out quite well as it was a rest day for me and it really set the tone for a relaxed day with my girls.  We had a leisurely breakfast, went for mani/pedis, followed by a visit to Terhune Orchard, a favorite of ours.  While we were there we got the exciting news that Alexis won the role of a Party Child in the American Repertory Ballet’s Nutcracker this season.  It is a tremendous role for a dancer her age and it is one that she aspired to, yet thought maybe next year.  In fact, she taught herself the role last year and was able to replicate most of it in our entranceway while the player piano accompanied her!  It was truly a moment of pure joy for both of us.

Another benefit of my pink post-it resulted in lunch plans on both Thursday and Friday, which is not something I would normally do as I always feel like I need to accomplish other things, you know, like paying bills and cleaning out the closet and… Needless to say, catching up with very dear friends I had not seen or spent time with for several months was not only rewarding, but just plain fun, too.  I believe that my life is as rich as it is because of spectacular people, like these.  It is important to foster those relationships yet sometimes life gets in the way.  I am glad I didn’t let that happen this week!

On the Morphin front, I am totally energized and excited by the last two days of workouts.  On Thursday, I did a snatch (pick a barbell up from the floor and with some magic pixie dust get the bar locked out overhead without using your arms to press it into place) ladder WOD.  There is a You Tube link under the exercise page of this blog for a benchmark called Isabel where the entire workout is snatching, feel free to take a peek if you haven’t seen a snatch before.  We did this exact WOD in March as part of the CrossFit Open workouts.  I was able to increase my weight on every round and also do 5 snatches at 50 pounds, which is something I had never done before!  Not only did I increase my weight, but I also increased my rep count – hurray!

This exercise is one that my body physically could not do when I started crossfit.  I remember the day clearly as I started the workout with 35#, had to drop to 25#, then to a 15# bar and still couldn’t get it overhead.  At that time my coach quietly handed me a PVC pipe and told me I should work with that.  Luckily, I held back the tears until I got to the car and proceeded to feel entirely defeated.  It is not a common occurrence for me to attempt something so whole-heartedly and just completely fail.  I didn’t like it and  I knew then I would defeat that lift, it took a long, long time but I finally have it!!

Fridays WOD was also one that I will put in my win column.  I was able to muster 70# thrusters, also a first, and complete every round of double unders unbroken.  I love my new rope and, for the first time, I feel a rhythm coming that was sorely missing before.  (Tracey and Andy, if you are reading, we need some dance music while we are jumping as I think that would help, too!)  Saving the best for last, my pull ups felt better than they have since returning from the beach in early September.  On the way down on one I hit my chin on the bar so I know that I really did get over it, something I wasn’t so sure I was doing for the last few weeks.

Feeling happy about stringing two strong workouts together and feeling grateful for sharing a larger part of my time with my family and friends the last three days, as well.  Maybe that combination is not a coincidence and the quality time with loved ones positively impacted my performance as an athlete and vice versa.  Perhaps I am over thinking it.  Who knows?  But I do feel my rather rudimentary approach to prioritization is paying off.

Wednesday, 9/26

  • Rest Day

Thursday, 9/27

  • Open WOD Snatch Ladder
  • 30@35#/30@45#/5@50
  • PR

Friday, 9/28

  • Amrap in 13 minutes
  • 5 pull ups (RX)
  • 5 thrusters (70# PR)
  • 10 kettle bell swings (35# RX)
  • 10 double unders (RX)
  • Total reps: 130





One response

30 09 2012

Michelle, You are doing so well! Keep up the tremendous work. I’m cheering you on, Sista.

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