The Beauty of Mondays

1 10 2012

I love Mondays!!  Remember when you were a kid, or didn’t have kids, and Mondays were the worst because it meant you had to go to school or work after the weekend.  Well, Mondays are now my Saturday!!  You all know how much I love my girls, but really, weekends are so much work and we are always so busy, this past one in particular.  David was away with Rachel for a Father-Daughter Weekend while I was home with the other girls.  There must have been a full moon because they were really off the wall, even more so than usual.  Of course, we had a good time, as well, but this morning I jumped out of bed with a little more zest than the last few days as I knew I would have some time to myself.

After dropping the girls at school, my day started with a CrossFit WOD at 8:15.  There is no better way to begin the week and set the scene for healthy living and increased energy.  Today was a blast and I had a hard time leaving the gym as it just felt so good to connect with adults after a child-filled weekend.  (Most days are like that for me!)  I was a bit apprehensive when I saw the term Metcon Monday on the white board and thought “holy crap” this one is going to be hard, they really want us to sweat!  The details of the workout are never posted until right before we are ready to set-up so I really had no way of knowing what we were doing, except for the fact that it would be mostly metabolic conditioning.  This is a good thing as I attempt to build my endurance over the next few months.

What I found after doing the workout is that my stamina is already improving as I really felt great throughout the entire WOD.  We moved around five stations of activity completing each exercise six times with 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest (10 seconds goes by fast!!) until moving to the next station.  I think we had 30 seconds to move to the next exercise.  (30 seconds goes by really fast, too!)  The five stations were: box jumps, medicine ball cleans, rowing, burpees and ring dips, where I attempted my first true ring dips ever!  This is a basic gymnastics move whereby you hold on to two rings attached to straps hanging from a bar, lift yourself in the air until your arms are fully extended and then dip down until the arms are in a 90 degree angle, repeat as many times as possible without touching the floor.  (A special shout out to my man Adam for demonstrating how to use a pull up band to assist with the dips, without which I would not have been able to do more than one or two.)  I was a bit uncoordinated getting in and out of the contraption but I was able to make it through all six sets, even though my body was quaking all over!

To further improve my stamina, I attended my first formal Endurance Class this Saturday morning only to find out that I don’t run correctly.  (Who knew there was a right and wrong way to run??)  As with everything in CrossFit, form follows function and I am learning the most effective, efficient and safe form to be running in.  There is a lot to learn but the good news is you can keep running while you are learning.  This program will help to focus my attention on endurance, as well as be a source of programming for my running workouts.  I have been finding it difficult to add the runs in to my schedule and to figure out what exactly I should be doing.  This will solve both issues as every week I have “homework” to complete, which includes two specific running workouts.  (You see, CF really does make you feel like a kid again, we have homework and everything!!)

On the nutrition front, I have been doing fairly well at adhering to 100% Paleo, and anyone who has shared a meal with me recently will attest to my pestering of waiters and waitresses all over the Princeton area!  Any slip ups have been primarily associated with a pick of something not Paleo, not a full-blown meal or day.  In fact, this weekend I took the girls to the movies and wisely planned ahead by packing toasted cinnamon coconut flakes and dried strawberries.  We had dinner before the movie so I really didn’t need to be snacking but habits are hard to break and I knew the girls would be munching on popcorn.  (You should know there have not been too many movies in my life that I haven’t watched without a bag of popcorn as my companion.)  I did my best to refrain but somehow my hand found its way into the bag and I treated myself to a handful.  Of course, Olivia (my 5-year-old) was quick to point out that I was “breaking Paleo.”  Thanks, Olivia, you snapped me to my senses!!

We celebrated my mom’s birthday last night at our house and I was determined to have an Italian feast, which was a family tradition of ours every Sunday when I was a child, while still eating Paleo.  We had a thick, meaty Bolognese over spaghetti squash, grilled Italian chicken sausage and asparagus spears with extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon and salt and pepper.  The adults loved it and I was proud to provide a healthy meal for everyone while maintaining a treasured family tradition.  Dessert was another story as birthday cake was in order.  Our guests were happy to enjoy the cake while laughing at my “parfait” of sunflower seed and coconut butter topped with berries!   (Thank you, Coach Tracey, for the delicious idea, I didn’t miss the cake at all.)

I am looking forward to a productive week, both as a CrossFitter and otherwise!!

Saturday, 9/29/12

  • Endurance Class
  • 6x 200 meters/2 minutes rest between rounds

Sunday, 9/30/12

  • Rest Day

Monday, 10/1/12 – (Happy Birthday, Mom!)

  • 6 rounds/20 seconds on/10 seconds off/rest 30 seconds between exercises
  • Box Jumps (20inch  RX)
  • Medicine Ball Cleans (14#  RX)
  • Rowing
  • Burpees
  • Ring Dips (1 inch band)
  • Total Reps: 159





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