Day 19, Already!

2 10 2012

How did 19 days go by so fast???  I have seen some positive changes already but also recognize that I have a lot of work in front of me.  Every day I feel more and more up to the challenge and I am not so fast to back down on things that I did in the past.  Today’s WOD, for instance, was primarily a pull up ladder.  What this means is that during each round of work you attempt more and more pull ups.  That ends up being a whole lot of pull ups in a fairly short amount of time.

I was determined not to use a band for assistance as I am really just done with it.  My body is not quite as far along as my mind but I believe I am never going to get there if I don’t just force myself at this point.  There are mechanics that I need to work out but the major inhibiting factor, from my point of view, is just a lack of upper body strength.  After 15 minutes of 1 minute attempts at 5, 6, 7, 8, 9… pull ups with no rest periods I had accumulated 86 total pull ups.  The most I was able to do was 7 in any given minute and the least I did was 5.  I had one of the lower, if not lowest, scores in the class but I never did use the band and I felt really good about that.  Although my hands are another story as I ripped three calluses!!

Earlier in this process I talked about why I am undertaking a Morphin99 and one of the elements that I mentioned was I felt I have only touched the tip of the iceberg and there is so much more to learn and improve on. Specifically, I noted a desire to jump on a 24″ box, as the highest I have done thus far is 20″.  Well, today was my day and not only did I jump on a 24″ box but made it all the way up to 28″!

Our coaches included a box jump max height component to the class and it was truly thrilling.  At times I felt like I was waiting to board one of those scary roller coasters and I was just not sure I had the nerve to do it as the plates were stacked higher and higher on top of the box.  I was encouraged by my awesome partners, Sarah, Maggie, Jessie and Tina, as each of them jumped higher and higher.  Somehow, having them lead the charge helped me to break through any personal apprehension and I continued to go for it.  It was all strangely addicting and I want to go higher, still!

So, I am happy to report another great day at transform CrossFit for me!!  It seems that every day I say the same thing once the workout is complete, “That was great!”  Tracey and Andy, you never fail to disappoint in your programming and Andy, you were right, I loved the WOD today!

P.S. – I plan to do an endurance workout today and hope the rain passes by quickly.  If not, I may give it a try on the treadmill and see how that feels.

Tuesday, 10/2

  • Pull Up Ladder (every minute do 5, 6, 7, 8, … for 15 minutes)
  • 86 Total Reps
  • Max Height Box Jump  28″

Endurance Workout

  • 3 x 800m (Rest 3 min between each round)
  • 4:70/4:40/4:32





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