A Few Glorious Days

5 10 2012

The last few days have been glorious!  I truly believe my body needs the level of activity it is now getting with 4-5 CrossFit WODs and 3 Endurance workouts per week.  With this schedule now in place, there will not be many true rest days, and I couldn’t be happier about it.  The increased activity has me feeling great and that, combined with eating nearly 100% paleo for almost a month, has me really humming.  I feel great during my workouts and my energy levels throughout the day are fairly constant.  The brick wall I, and many others, normally hit about 3pm or so is a thing of the past for now and that is really awesome, especially since that is when the girls are done with school and my second day begins!  My sleep has improved and I am finding it easier to get up in the morning and get moving.  It is a rare day that I even finish my paltry 6 ounce cup of coffee!

Prior to this focus I was not really sure just how much of an impact a super clean diet would have on my performance as an athlete but I can tell you now that it has a tremendous effect.  The last few days are a testament to my progress.  Wednesday was an Endurance day for me and my “homework” was to run a 5k.  For someone who was primarily a runner for so many years, it felt bizarre to be back to it.  CF has been somewhat of a reprieve for me in regards to running.  Sure, we do include running in many WODs but it is never for long distances during a workout and it is usually interspersed with other exercises.  In the past, one of my favorite summer activities was running long distances on the beach, sometimes barefoot.  I could just go and go and go.  After so many years of running I was more than happy to take a break and I have never found my way back to it even though I knew I would benefit from some added stamina work.

With the dawn of my Morphin99 came the necessity to dust off my running shoes and hit the pavement again.  So, the 5k run on Wednesday was the first for me in over two years.  That distance once felt wimpy to me but the thought of it this time around overwhelmed me, so much so, that I put it off until David was home and the girls were in bed.  As soon as I got going, though, it stopped feeling daunting.  My pace has certainly slowed since my running days but I finished in just under 30 minutes and I was happy with that.  I will look forward to beating that time soon!

The last two CF workouts have been AWESOME!!!!  Thursday’s class began with 5 minutes of snatch practice and did 10 each of hang snatch, power snatch and full snatch.  I am still working with 40# here but I feel like my form is improving.  The full snatch is still giving me some trouble but I know my flexibility and strength are improving and the snatch will follow.  Next up was a benchmark called Annie.  Sounds innocent enough, but Annie is no joke.  For time complete 50 -40-30-20-10 double unders and sit ups.  Well, this was the benchmark for me as my double unders are really coming together and sit ups are one of the easier exercises for me at CF.  I was more than happy with my performance and score.

This morning’s  WOD was a 12 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of three exercises: deadlifts (115#), bar-facing burpees and reverse overhead lunges (25#).   (By-the-way, any modification to a burpee is usually met with a groan as it only makes a tough move even tougher, today was no exception.)  This was a taxing workout for me as anytime I am lifting weight overhead and, in this case, holding it there for extended periods of time, I am reminded of my need to build upper body strength.  I also struggle with mobility issues overhead, further impeding my ability in these lunges.  Burpees are just exhausting but similar to eating your veggies, you know they are good for you so you just do them.  Deadlifts, on the other hand, are my strongest lift so there was a little something to offset the rest. 🙂  As any CrossFitter will tell you, we live for the days we can RX (as prescribed, no modifications) a WOD and today was one of those for me!!  Glorious!!

Wednesday, 10/3/12

  • Endurance 5k
  • 29.5 min

Thursday, 10/4/12

  • Snatch Practice (40#)
  • Annie
  • 10:36

Friday, 10/5/12

  • Amrap in 12 minutes
  • 10 Deadlifts (115#)
  • 6 Bar-Facing Burpees
  • 14 Overhead Reverse Lunges
  • 160 total reps



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