Adding Another Piece of the Puzzle

8 10 2012

When I first started this process I promised to do many things and one of them was to read more with an eye towards self-improvement.  I have since completed It Starts With Food and would strongly recommend it.  (Really, everyone needs to read this book!)  My intent was to focus on my physical well-being first to compliment my initial efforts with the Morphin process and then to shift gears to something meaningful to my family life, particularly as it relates to my daughters.  What I came to realize in reading the food book is that the two are not quite as distinct as I thought they were.  I read quite a bit about cortisol levels and the havoc high cortisol can have on one’s body.  Who knew we could actually do so much damage to something like the stress hormone with what we eat??  It started me thinking that high cortisol levels that are produced by stress are wreaking the  same physical havoc, the trigger is just different.

Interestingly, a major element of my family life that I would most like to change are the high levels of stress, particularly as it relates to the kids, that are brought on by interpersonal difficulties.  As I have said before, my girls are all spirited, some more than others, and that creates some interesting social dynamics in our home.  Ok, the reality is they fight a lot and it drives me nuts!  They can also be disrespectful, belligerent and down-right uncooperative, at times.  Because there are four of the little ladies in the house, there seems to always be someone causing some type of conflict.  This causes me a fair amount of stress as I inherently loathe conflict.  It also makes me quite angry as I just don’t get why their interactions need to be so darn cantankerous.

After a great CrossFit WOD this morning, and on my way to Whole Foods to stock up for the week, I stopped at Barnes and Noble to look for the perfect book on fixing these issues – ha!!  Well, after an hour of searching and reading I purchased four books: The Difficult Child, Taming the Spirited Child, 10 Mindful Minutes and a workbook called I’m Not Bad I’m Just Mad.  Before the kids were even home from school I began devising a plan of action.  (Watch out girls because mommy is going to fix it all!)  Seriously, I am not sure that any of these self-help type books reveal any tightly held secrets but rather just remind of us of what we know we should be doing anyway.  That may be the case with these but framing it all a bit differently and, perhaps, gaining some added perspective can only help.  In fact, one of the books points out early on that while it may be difficult to raise a “spirited child” those very same traits will likely serve them well in adulthood, assuming that self-control is mastered.

This thought brings me to yet another book that I recently started reading, How Children Succeed.  Very basically, the author proposes that the most important qualities that we can help our children develop, and that are future indicators of success, are: self-control, persistence, curiosity, conscientiousness, grit and self-confidence.  While my girls have mastered some or many of these already, self-control remains suspect.  My hope is that David and I can work together, along with the girls, to develop more self-control in each of them, which will ultimately relieve the levels of stress in our family and lead to a happier, calmer environment for us all.  (To be fair, there are those that do not need much help in this regard and others who can use quite a bit!)

You may be asking yourself, “What the heck does this have to do with working out and eating healthy?”  It is my belief that moving the dial at home will only help to improve my health, sleep patterns and effectiveness both in the gym and in the kitchen.  I came to realize over the last thirty days that much of my poor eating was emotional in nature and could be easily traced back to difficult days or nights with the girls.  A more peaceful home can only serve me well in all areas, and wouldn’t it be quite an accomplishment to not only transform myself in 99 days, but my family, as well!!

Since last writing, I have had two great days of workouts.  Saturday was my Endurance class and I was very happy with my performance on four 800 meter splits.  I know I am not a speed demon but I feel like I have a good starting point from which to improve on.  Sunday was a much-needed rest day and I enjoyed spending it, predominantly, at Rachel’s first swim meet.  This morning’s WOD was long and tough and I did not even complete it in the alloted 23 minutes.  My coach was nice enough to allow the three of us who weren’t done to finish our last round, which really made my day as I HATE when I don’t finish a workout!!  I felt a little week on the shoulder presses and I am not sure if it was the wine Saturday night (only the second in almost a month!) or if I just went too heavy to start.  This lift is very difficult for me as it is all shoulders as dipping and driving are not allowed.  After the first few rounds I was only able to string together 2-3 at a time and this really slowed me down.  Overall, I was happy with the workout and look forward to more torture (I mean fun) tomorrow!

Saturday, 10/6

  • Endurance WOD
  • 4 x 800 meters
  • 4:22/4:05/4:08/4.11

Sunday, 10/7

  • Rest Day  🙂

Monday, 10/8

  • 7 rounds/7 reps each:
  • Shoulder Press (50#) – Started with 60#, dropped to 55# and then to 50#
  • Sit Ups
  • Medicine Ball Cleans (14# RX)
  • Dead Hang Pull Ups (1″ band)
  • Kettle Bell Swings (35# RX)

23+ minutes (timer stopped at 23 so not sure of exact time)




2 responses

9 10 2012

Great post. I enjoyed this over my morning coffee (3oz)!

9 10 2012

Are you saving the other 6oz for later?? Thanks for the support, it means a lot!!

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