More Pudding, errr, I Mean Proof

16 10 2012

Since my last post I have completed the Reintroduction Phase of the 30-Day Paleo Challenge.  I consumed several things that were just not a part of my diet over the last month and I can tell you, without hesitation, that some of these have a profound negative impact on me.  The additions included cheese, grains (corn, rice and wheat) and sugar.  I did not eat a large portion of any of these, in fact I ate so little that I was wondering if I would feel the difference at all.  Well…..not only did I feel crappy (stuffy nose, lower energy levels, poor sleep and “hangover-ish” symptoms in the morning) but the momentum that I had going in terms of losing body fat/weight just ceased, like to a stand still, ground to a halt – you get the picture!!  My intention was to not overconsume so that I would not lose the momentum that I built up over the last month but even with small amounts of these foods my system reverted back to burning glucose instead of fat.  Nothing in my lifestyle changed otherwise and I maintained the same level of activity that I had throughout the past month.

None of this really comes as a surprise to me as I had reached somewhat of a plateau prior to starting the Morphin99 and I knew going 100% Paleo could only help but I had a hard time believing that such small amounts of these foods could turn the tide so quickly on the fat burning dynamic.  This greatly impacts where I go from here and, more importantly, following the Morphin process.  I now know, without a doubt, that even a small amount of these foods has a negative impact on my health and well-being.  My old approach of having a slice of pizza here, a sushi roll there, a small bag of popcorn at the movie and a square of dark chocolate whenever the mood struck me will always keep me from feeling my best.  So, what to do?  That’s right, make a plan so I can hold on to  the “I Feel Good”  da da da da da da (Do you hear James Brown??  I do!!)

The Plan: Eat Paleo (duh!)

The Real Plan: Eat 100% Paleo with the exception of one or two off-limit foods per week and one or two glasses of wine a week.  I will attempt to coordinate the illegal food with the alcohol so I can get back to my James Brown-like existence as soon as possible.  This sounds very similar to my last post but this time I really know why I need to do this.  My intention is to keep it clean during the week and allow myself a “special” dinner or meal over the weekend.  In cases where there is a “special” meal during the week I will need to keep a tight grip on the reigns during the weekend, and that will not be easy.

Thank you for reading a somewhat redundant post but I know I need to really put this out there to keep myself honest and on-track.  I so appreciate all the support I have been getting from friends and family, with a special shout out to the Theza and Bob for cooking up a rocking paleo meal on Sunday night!!  With friends like you I know I will succeed.  (Now, about that holiday party…ha!ha!)

On the exercise front, James Brown is back in my head because I Feel Good!!  I achieved a personal record (PR) and a personal best on two lifts over the last few days.  I was able to clean 90 pounds for the first time ever (!) and I know I am going to move the dial on that in the next month or so and I did 70 pound push presses in a workout where my all time best one rep max on that lift was 75#.   My upper body strength has always been a limiting factor for me and I believe I am not only breaking through some physical barriers, but emotional hang-ups, as well.  I am excited to see where I can go from here.

Friday, 10/12

  • Skill Practice
  • 3 reps every minute for six minutes
  • Snatch 40#
  • WOD
  • Tabata Intervals (20 seconds on/10 seconds off/8 rounds)
  • Squats
  • Sit Ups
  • Burpees
  • 284 total reps

Saturday, 10/13

  • Endurance WOD
  • 8 x 200m
  • 33.95sec/34.32/35.49/34.38/34.10/31.37/33.21/32.61

Monday, 10/15

  • Strength WOD
  • Squat Clean
  • 3 RPM (rep max)
  • 90# PR
  • WOD
  • 10 minute amrap/10 each
  • Squat Cleans (70% of max)  65#
  • Pull Ups (RX)
  • Hands Release Push Ups (RX)
  • 90 total reps

Tuesday, 10/16

  • 5 rounds for time AND every minute on the minute two burpees (ouch!)
  • 10 push presses (70#)  [75 was RX, almost there]
  • 15 kettle bell swings (35# RX)
  • 20 sit ups
  • 15:03



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