You are what you eat and I don’t want to be a pizza!!

After really falling off the wagon this summer, I am back on a strict Paleo Diet.  No, I am not trying to lose 20 pounds but I am attempting to perform better athletically, experience less hunger spikes and cravings, increase my energy, have a higher quality and quantity of sleep and feel better, overall.  I normally eat fairly well, probably about 90/10 on a good week and 80/20 on a bad week.  My goal over the next 30 days is to eat 100% paleo.  I wasn’t even at “bad week” levels over much of August and I can tell you that I felt really crummy!

For those who may not be familiar with the Paleo lifestyle, it is, very simply, eating mostly fresh food in its natural state.  That includes meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, some fruit, nuts and seeds.  That may not seem like much of a selection but I can tell you that I can easily fill my belly with some very yummy, natural food and have been for the last four days.  During this month of focus, I am also attempting to limit my fruit intake to one or two servings of berries a day.  That is tough for me as I LOVE fruit and really miss it.  (I am told I will stop craving it as my glucose levels settle down and I hope that happens soon!)

Paleo is not new to me and I am a true believer in the quality and type of food profoundly impacting our physical and psychological well-being so this undertaking should not be too difficult, overall.  Where I can get caught up is at it relates to my children, both preparing meals for them and the emotional eating that can occur following a rough evening.

The hours of 5:30 – 8:30 are normally chock full of nagging about and helping with homework, requesting assistance in the kitchen about a dozen times per kid (I am not great at math, but that amounts to 48 requests.), attempting to move the party upstairs for showers/baths and drying four sets of lustrous locks all amidst the din of four beautiful, spirited sisters bickering, bickering and bickering!  There are those nights where a glass of wine and something salty and crunchy is the only remedy.

The “new” me has been making a cup of steaming herbal tea and hightailing it out of the kitchen as quickly as possible.  Please meet me for a drink on October 15th as I am really going to need one by then!


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