Feeding the Mind

TV is not my thing but I really love curling up with a good book on a comfy chair or lounging at the beach with my Kindle.  In fact, I read more this summer than I have in the last 10 years.  (Wonder if that could be related to having three kids at sleepaway camp for seven weeks??)  My amazing husband sometimes inquires what the reward is as I am not learning anything.  Well, honey, I do attempt to select historically-based novels and remain entranced by those set during WWII.  But I really just love a good story and I am rarely disappointed in a book the way I am in most movies.  Shifting my focus over the next 100 days to material that is a bit more substantive will be a bit challenging for me but well worth it, ultimately.  Who knows, maybe I can find a good movie On Demand!

I recently began reading on my Kindle It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig and I love it so much and plan to use it as a resource going forward that I purchased the hard copy, as well.  I highly recommend it for anyone who would like to understand how food interacts within your body and the direct association it has with both health and sickness.

Most of us don’t spend much time thinking of our food as something that is potentially toxic to our bodies, rather that it  something that either makes us overweight or, preferably, not.  The fact is that what we put into our bodies has a profound affect on our physical well-being and can mean the difference between developing life-altering ailments or disease or living a relatively healthy life.

With that said, will I ever eat a slice of pizza and drink a glass of wine again??  You betcha!!!  But I plan to be more conscious of how that pizza and wine makes me feel, as well as more conscious of how often those less-than-good choices appear in my life.  I will let you know how I am doing and feeling along the way.

The search is on for one more book that can help me address my personal life, particularly as it relates to children, but I have not found the right one yet.  My girls are all spirited, some more than others, and there are times when I am just at a loss for how to deal with them.  I could really use some new strategies and thoughts in this area so if you know of a good book that addresses this please let me know.


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